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Ultimamente si sente spesso parlare di Arcopolis. Per chi fosse interessato, di seguito una serie di link direttamente dal blog del team:  

Acropolis Videos:
Virtual Tech Ed – Where Kathy Kam interviews David Hill and Scott Morrison about the project “Acropolis”
Channel 9 – Come meet the “Acropolis” team! We walk the halls with of Building 42 in Microsoft Corporate Campus to meet the Dev, QA, PM behind the project “Acropolis”.

Acropolis Tech Ed Presentation:
The presentation we did in
TechEd Orlando is now available online!
The Acropolis Client Application Framework – David Hill
Building Rich Client UI with Acropolis – Kathy Kam

Acropolis Samples Deep Dive:
Notepad Sample – Ricky Tan
   Ricky shows how Acropolis makes extension and customization easy for the developer by adding some features that plain old Notepad never had.
RssEagle Sample, Part 1 Extensibility Discussion – Alex Bulankou
   Alex gives an indepth deep dive on some of the core “Acropolis” features that was demonstrated in the RssEagle Sample.
RssEagle Sample, Part 2 Navigation in Acropolis – Alex Bulankou
   Alex gives an indepth presentation on the “Acropolis” Navigation feature. He also demonstrate how RssEagle uses “Acropolis” Navigation to interact with the UI.
Part Portal Sample – Brett Samblanet
   Through the Part Portal, Brett gives an insight into what you can do with “Acropolis”. Brett guides the viewers through the various features implemented in the Parts Portal sample. He covers how each of the different pieces of the Part Portal work – including Part Catalog Manager, Part Catalog Browser, Part Portal TabLayoutPane and LayoutPersistence.

New Acropolis Expense Sample Overview – Tad Anderson
Acropolis on Virtual TechEd – Kathy Kam
New Acropolis Interview posted – Brad Abrams
“Acropolis” meet the team – Kathy Kam

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