December '07 DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

Ne ha parlato ieri Lorenzo all’Application Platform di Milano. Vedere certi numeri è davvero impressionante: 

The massive spike that I’ve been foreboding for a long while now has started.  In the last month the momentum towards moving the entire division over to TFS has really picked up.  A significant fraction of the branches for the development of the next version of Visual Studio/.NET Framework have been created.  Overall, I expect this ramp up phase will last another 2-3 months – right now a lot of planning is happening; development is slowly ramping up.

Demonstrating this change, you can see an increase of over 32 million in the number of files and 154 million in number of local copies…..

Ed ancora, continuando a leggere il post:

Version control

  • Files/Folders: 148,258,991/34,914,899 (up 32,180,349/up 6,996,437)
  • Total compressed file size: 1,639,701 MB (up 139,400 MB)
  • Checkins: 320,961 (up 15,718)
  • Shelvesets: 18,165 (up 1,620)
  • Merge history: 364,731,019 (up 90,041,592)
  • Pending changes: 5,393,525 (down 3,689,144)
  • Workspaces: 5,275 (up 463)
  • Local copies: 862,271,941 (up 154,381,520)

Vi consiglio la lettura del post completo, soprattutto se avete ancora dubbi circa l’adozione di TFS in azienda.

Fonte: bharry’s WebLog : December ’07 DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

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