Vista Pre-SP1 Performance and Reliability Fixes

Se ne parlava da un po’ ed ormai non si parla d’altro: una pre-SP1 di Vista è disponibile per il download. Corregge qualcosa ma (almeno nel mio caso), non fa miracoli (nella parte di performance).

Cito dal blog di Scott:  

Everyone knows that Vista SP1 is due out soon, but if you’re having any trouble now (I’m not anymore), you might take a look at these two updates:

  • Performance Update – KB938979 – This one has some networking related fixes as well as fixes for some hibernation weirdness, as well as a possible fix for the now-legendary Explorer “estimated time remaining” issue.
  • Compatibility Update – KB938194 – This one contains mostly video driver related fixes.

Fontr: Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen – Vista Pre-SP1 Performance and Reliability Fixes