Carpe Datum : How do we create software at Microsoft?

E’ una lettura di un paio di minuti ma che fa capire che, tutto sommato, i feedback dei clienti vengono ascoltati (ed a giudicare da quello che è successo a Linq….io ci credo tongue-out): 

So how do we come up with the features and designs we put into SQL Server? Microsoft has often been accused (unjustly, I think) of not listening to its customers, and dictating to others what we think they should do. In the SQL Server organization, I haven’t found this to be true.

We’re in the final stages of adding all of the feature sets, and since I’ve just joined the group, I won’t have a lot of say in this release. But as I’m learning, the process starts with user requests.

Basically we cull information from a lot of sources – the SQL Server “Connect” site, user surveys, user studies, and direct feedback. We even troll newsgroups and blogs to see what you’re saying. There are literally dozens of formal and informal methods we use to find out what you’re thinking.

We also get information from the “field” – those Microsoft employees who do consulting, troubleshooting, and the folks on the customer support front lines. I just attended a mandatory meeting the other day where the support folks grilled us for a few hours on the issues they see you deal with daily

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