FastSharp – Write it, Execute it

Ricordo che un po’ di tempo fa c’era in giro un tool simile. In sostanza, si tratta di un piccolo tool che permette di scrivere codice C# e di farlo eseguire senza la necessità di dover aprire tutte le volte Visual Studio e creare un progetto:

Last year I wrote this program which I named FastSharp.  It is a text editor which lets you compile and run C# code that would normally exist inside a method.  The inspiration for this came from getting tired of opening up Visual Studio and creating a project when all I want to do is execute one line of code and see what it outputs.

Come dice lo stesso autore:

A prime example of this happened today (which is what sparked me to finally post this program).  My co-worker Bertan and I were talking about the System.DateTime object in .NET.  We were wondering if the ToBinary() method would return the same value regardless  whether the datetime object was in local time or in UTC mode.  He was about to fire up Visual Studio and create a project just to write this two line program when I showed him FastSharp

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