Installazione Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh! #WP7DEV


Per installare correttamente i Developer Tools appena rilasciati, è consigliabile seguire i seguenti  passi:

  • Uninstall the previous CTP first (the item in Add/Remove programs to uninstall is “Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP-ENU”)
  • If you have the RC of VS2010 installed, uninstall it first and then install the final release.
  • You can install Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP even if you do not have Visual Studio already installed.
  • We’ve introduced a few ‘breaking changes’ with this release. The one that will impact almost everyone who used the existing release is a requirement that all WMAppManifest.xml files have a filled out <CAPABILITIES> section. The release notes describe this in more detail and the tools will warn you when you open an existing project.

Buona installazione!