Prima di sparare … (Vista, Adobe etc.)

Ritengo questo post molto significativo:

They say a picture speaks a thousands words. In this case, I find it tongue in cheek that Adobe’s CEO Bruce Chizen got up on stage, labeled Microsoft as a “monopoly” in one breath, then talked about how great the Adobe products in another whilst doing so on Windows Vista.

I also wonder at how much market share was replenished by Adobe CS2 to Adobe CS3 due to the Windows Vista’s existence? or for that matter how much of the Adobe CS3 market is made up of Windows Vista….

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Molto (ma molto) bella la conclusione, che condivido al 100% e che, con termini diversi, ho sempre cercato di spiegare ai “talebani”:

Picture was made with Adobe Photoshop CS3 & Windows Vista Snippet Tool running on an Apple iMAC (VMWare Fusion) and filed under “Brand Politics”. I am never one brand, I just work for one.

Fonte: MS MossyBlog : At times I wonder…

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