Remote Logging WCF on .NET Compact Framework

Ammetto di non averci ancora messo le mani (su WCF con il .NET CF – le bollette da pagare vengono prima Frown), ma dato che lo farò abbastana presto (stay tuned Wink), mi segno e condivido questo:

Debugging WCF can be hard. Frusteratingly hard. Small details can easily cause failures; A simple namespace mismatch on an XML envelope, for instance, will cause the entire message to be dropped silently by the server. Luckily, WCF with the .NET Framework comes with several logging and debugging tools that allow you, the developer, to hook directly into the messaging stack and get all the information you need. Unfortunately, the .NET Compact Framework does not have these hooks due to size constraints and prerequisites that are also not implemented. What is one to do?

You might have seen the .NET Compact Framework Power Toys CTP I blogged about earlier, and if you were thinking we might have something to help out included with that, then you would be absolutely correct. Here’s a quick and dirty run-through on how to use our new remote logging tool for WCF. You can download these tools at this MSDN download link ..[continua alla fonte] ….

Fonte: Dan Horbatt’s Blog : Remote Logging WCF on .NET Compact Framework